The future is looking up
IBEW Local 48 apprentice Shakira White at the construction site. (Video credit: Dawn Jones Redstone)

We know you love the carpet. Soon you'll have a reason to look up, too.

When the main terminal opens in 2024, PDX's new wooden roof will have
Skylights galore • Views for days • Doug fir from Northwest forests

See the future

Bringing ZGF Architects' vision for the main terminal to life

Comfy seats, neighborhood cafe vibes
Check out the plan for 2022
More room for shops and views
Take a walk with us
Made with that Northwest magic
From local forests to PDX
Hear what's next

What does this new roof mean to the people who helped make it?

Brenda Meade
Brenda Meade
Coquille Tribe
Forest steward
Gene Sandoval
Gene Sandoval
ZGF Architects
Lead architect
Ryan Temple
Ryan Temple
Sustainable NW Wood
Sustainable timber expert
Sharron Vander Meulen
Sharron van der Meulen
ZGF Architects
Interior design lead
Katrina Day
Katrina Day
Hoffman Skanska JV
Project manager
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if you’re traveling through PDX this summer, look out for our curvy viewfinders in the bypasses connecting Concourses D&E and B&C. Tag us with #LookUpPDX on social media and let us know what you're looking up at!

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