Behind the scenes
Peek behind the curtains to meet the cool and creative people defining the future of travel at PDX.
Good Coffee opens on Concourse B

The Purvis brothers have opened a Good Coffee location in PDX’s Concourse B featuring coffee, tea, beans, and pastries.

2022 guide to PDX’s newest shops and restaurants

Map of 15+ new shops, bars, and restaurants at the Portland airport.

Q&A with Blue Star Donuts’ Katie Poppe

Blue Star Donuts’ owner talks about the benefits and challenges of operating a stand at PDX.

Meet the Artist: Yoonhee Choi

Meet the Artist: Yoonhee Choi, Creator of ‘Folded Drawings’

Q&A with Kurt Huffman of ChefStable

Kurt Huffman, CEO of ChefStable, has helped open more than 60 restaurants. How is PDX different?

Q&A with Chris James of LaTrelle’s Management Corp.

LaTrelle’s is a family company that manages the Stumptown Coffee locations at PDX.

Q&A with Jared Mees of Tender Loving Empire

Jared and Brianne Mees, owners of the beloved music label and retail store, share their experiences at PDX.

Faces of PDX: Ryan Temple, of Sustainable Northwest Wood

Ryan Temple, of Portland’s Sustainable Northwest Wood, sourced wood from Northwest tribal lands and forests for the new ceiling at PDX.

PDX gets loud this spring! Here’s how we’re muffling the noise.

As PDX demolishes part of the main terminal this spring, here are 5 steps we’re taking to reduce the construction sound.

PDX and Its Iconic Carpet: Reunited (And It Feels So Good)

When PDX’s new main terminal opens in 2024, a familiar sight will greet you: the much-loved 1988 carpet.

2022 Preview: Raising the Roof at PDX

This year, big changes are coming to the Portland airport—but you may not see them until they’re done.

Hellloooo 2022!

It’s time to say goodbye to 2021. As we look back and look forward to a bright future at PDX, here are the 10 most popular stories on of the year.

Say Hello to PDX’s New Concourse B!

The Portland Airport’s new concourse B, open December 2021, offers great views, fantastic food & drink, and a major new artwork.

PDX’s New Rental Car Center Means No More Shuttles

Open in November 2021, the new car rental complex at the Portland Airport makes it easier, and faster, to drive away.

Meet the caretakers of the Pacific Northwest’s sustainable forests

95 percent of the wood for the Portland airport’s new roof comes from local, sustainably managed forests such as these four farms.

Even Engineers Marvel Over the Curves of PDX’s New Roof

To shape the wood beams and plywood panels on the main terminal’s curvy new roof, it took complex software and a team of hundreds.

Work in progress: RYAN! Feddersen making interactive magic

The Tacoma artist’s installation in Concourse B appears to move alongside you.

Meet 3 artists bringing PNW-inspired work to PDX

These bright talents are designing massive murals and sculptures inspired by Pacific Northwest landscapes and cultures.

Vee Chenting Qian's illustrations spread joy throughout PDX

Wonder who’s behind those hugging rainclouds and skateboarding fir trees?

Faces of PDX: Nathaniel Hartley, musician turned entrepreneur

This veteran business leader believes the best part of being a contractor is helping people.

The return-to-travel challenge: Keeping travelers moving around airport construction

As many vaccinated folks are returning to the skies, construction disruptions are starting to feel real at PDX.

Work in progress: Constructing the curvy “cassettes”

Crews have come up with some pretty ingenious solutions to build the airport's iconic new roof.

Making comics about the airport: A conversation with artist Aki Ruiz

The Portland creative took inspiration from architectural models and blueprints for his latest work.

PDX comic: An everyday adventure through construction detours

A Portland artist shares an illustrated story about how the airport is changing.

Work in progress: Building the wooden roof in pieces

Construction workers have been solving problems by fabricating full-scale mockups.

New renderings show off the very PNW designs for PDX

See what the Portland International Airport’s going to look like in 2025.

PDX construction 101: What’s happening at your local airport, explained

Curious what we've got in the works? This quick guide is for you.

Faces of PDX: Stacey Flint’s creative perspective

A project manager behind airport transportation upgrades sees art in the details.

Model masterminds: Meet ZGF’s Gene Sandoval and Talisa Shevavesh

The architects behind new PDX designs have built remarkable models by hand, as they fine-tune plans for the main terminal.

Work in progress: Models show the future of PDX in miniature

Before there can be an airport, there must be an airport model.

Mood board: The regional love behind new PDX designs

A few of the people, places and passions inspiring what's next at the airport.

First look: New designs for PDX take inspiration from the region

A fresh vision brings more Pacific Northwest character to the heart of the airport.

Insider tour of Mt. Hood, Tillamook and more at Concourse E

Designers, builders and creatives show us around this milestone airport addition.

Inhabitance: A conversation with artist RYAN! Feddersen

Her remarkable new installation will open in the bigger and brighter Concourse B in summer 2021.

Meet the 2,000 builders, makers and architects of Concourse E

It took a dedicated creative community four years to build a new home for Southwest Airlines at PDX.

The airport as gallery: A conversation with artist Jacob Hashimoto

Contemporary artist Jacob Hashimoto has shown his work everywhere from Los Angeles and Chicago to Italy and Finland. But one of his next major installations lands in a less obvious venue: Not a modern art museum but the Portland International Airport.

Keeping us on track: Jermaine Boddie

Building Concourse E was a logistical puzzle. Jermaine helped solve it.

Making construction fun: Caitlin Powell

Caitlin's a world traveler who is really passionate about the PDX experience.

Champion for sustainability: Pooja Kashyap

Because of Pooja, the new Concourse E is on track to achieve LEED Gold certification.

Architect extraordinaire: Michelle Vo

Say hello to Michelle, one of the design leaders behind the new Concourse E.

Sneak peek: Everything cool coming soon to Concourse E

Not every city has an affinity for its airport. But Portland isn’t just any city. And PDX isn’t just any airport.

Pro traveler hacks for de-stressing and staying well

Nearly every airline passenger has a “just barely made it” story. You probably do, too. Maybe you were dashing through the concourse with your kids as you heard the last call for boarding.

Weird trivia from 1988, when Concourse A was (almost) cool

Weird Trivia From 1988, When Concourse A Was (Almost) Cool

The least-airport-y food in America is about to get even tastier

If you’ve spent a couple of hours waiting in line for Portland’s most popular buttermilk-battered chicken and sweet potato waffles, then we’ve got good news: Your favorite brunch spot has unveiled plans for an outpost at PDX. And better yet, you won’t have to miss your flight to indulge.

Goodbye to A: Memories from the concourse we’ll (kinda) miss

Saying goodbye to Concourse A is bittersweet. We’ve had plenty of memorable times here, and we’re sure you have some stories to share, too.