Behind the scenes
Peek behind the curtains to meet the cool and creative people defining the future of travel at PDX.
Keeping Us On Track: Jermaine Boddie

Building Concourse E was a logistical puzzle. Jermaine helped solve it.

Making Construction Fun: Caitlin Powell

Caitlin's a world traveler who is really passionate about the PDX experience.

Champion for Sustainability: Pooja Kashyap

Because of Pooja, the new Concourse E is on track to achieve LEED Gold certification.

Architect Extraordinaire: Michelle Vo

Say hello to Michelle, one of the design leaders behind the new Concourse E.

Sneak Peek: Everything Cool Coming Soon to Concourse E

Not every city has an affinity for its airport. But Portland isn’t just any city. And PDX isn’t just any airport.

Pro Traveler Hacks for De-stressing and Staying Well

Nearly every airline passenger has a “just barely made it” story. You probably do, too. Maybe you were dashing through the concourse with your kids as you heard the last call for boarding.

Weird Trivia From 1988, When Concourse A Was (Almost) Cool

Weird Trivia From 1988, When Concourse A Was (Almost) Cool

The Least-Airport-y Food in America is About to Get Even Tastier

If you’ve spent a couple of hours waiting in line for Portland’s most popular buttermilk-battered chicken and sweet potato waffles, then we’ve got good news: Your favorite brunch spot has unveiled plans for an outpost at PDX. And better yet, you won’t have to miss your flight to indulge.

Goodbye to A: Memories From the Concourse We’ll (Kinda) Miss

Saying goodbye to Concourse A is bittersweet. We’ve had plenty of memorable times here, and we’re sure you have some stories to share, too.