Keeping us on track: Jermaine Boddie

Published July 10, 2020

Jermaine Boddie

Building a new airport concourse isn’t only about the structure itself. It’s also a logistical puzzle. That’s the point of Skanska’s Jermaine Boddie’s job. He works as a superintendent on the Concourse E extension project, helping Southwest Airlines set up shop in the bright new space. Here he reflects on why he loves PDX and a few of his favorite moments from the past few years on the job.

Jermaine loves working around airplanes. “My favorite thing about working at the airport is the site itself. I’ve always loved airplanes. Before I worked here, I’d sometimes park on Marine Drive and watch the planes take off and land. Now being able to drive around on the tarmac and see the planes up close — that’s such a fun part of my job working on Concourse E. It’s not your normal construction site.”

He likes his coworkers, too. But he doesn’t like Fiber One bars. “People are pretty lighthearted here. Me and Caitlin [Powell, also of Skanska], in particular, play jokes on each other. Caitlin once gave me a Fiber One bar for a job well done. ‘Here's a fiber bar so you can keep your energy up,’ she laughed. I don't like fiber bars. So now every time she does something exceptional, I’ll sneak in her office and leave the same bar on her keyboard. And she’ll pass it back to me later. We’ve been passing this fiber bar back and forth for four years now.”

It’s all about the friendships you make. “You walk into the airport and you're just saying hello to everybody. Everybody's so nice here, so I've made a lot of friends. We do extracurricular things for team building. For three years in a row, we've run the Hood to Coast Relay together as a unit. It's fun to see them outside of their hard hats and suits.”

Wait until you see the epic views of Mt. Hood. “The very end of Concourse E faces east toward Mt. Hood. So on a very clear day, the view is going to look amazing. I’m sure in the future, people will take their pictures there just like they take pictures of their feet on the carpet.”

He’ll always be proud of his time working on Concourse E. “It's something I'll always talk about. I’m proud of the role I’ve had here at PDX. When people step into the new concourse, I want them to feel proud, too.”