Faces of PDX: Stacey Flint’s creative perspective

Published January 12, 2021

Project manager Stacey Flint of JE Dunn ConstructionStacey Flint, project manager at JE Dunn Construction, is one of the leaders behind new transportation upgrades at PDX. (Credit: Celeste Noche)


It takes a lot of hands to keep airport construction moving. We’re sharing regular “Faces of PDX” profiles to shine a spotlight on the people behind these projects. Up next: Stacey Flint, project manager at JE Dunn in Portland.

Stacey Flint sees art where other people might miss it — like in the nuances of ground transportation upgrades at the Portland International Airport. As a project manager at JE Dunn Construction, Stacey is one of the leaders behind the new rental car and parking improvements at PDX. Once complete, the new building complex will bring all rental cars on-site (no more shuttles!), provide more parking and streamline rideshare services for when you're ready to fly again — all in one convenient package. Here Stacey tells us about her love for architecture and the intricacies of her sometimes-challenging day job. 

No day is ever the same. “There really is no ‘normal day.’ Every day is different and that’s why I love this business. Being a project manager, I feel like our job is to connect all the different parts and pieces — doing things like connecting the architects’ vision with the people who are going to bring it to life. We make sure everyone works together, on time and on budget.”

This is way, way more than a parking garage. “I hate when people say it’s just a parking structure. [laughter] This is one of the coolest projects that I’ve ever built because of the fact that it houses so many different types of tenants, who all have different needs for the spaces. It’s really five separate structures. It’s beautiful and it’s incredibly complex.”

Stacey brings her creative perspective to construction. “ I’ve always been a creative person. When I was young, I was fascinated by cathedrals — the big Gothic style. And I really love the clean lines of modern architecture, too. In college, I was an art and art history minor. To me, architecture is the ultimate art form. Whether people realize it or not, architecture has an impact on their lives every single day.”

The impact of her work isn’t lost on her. “I appreciate just how important this building is going to be to people at the airport and in Portland. We keep that in mind every day. Knowing and loving what we do is important.” 

Don’t discount the impact of positivity, Stacey says. “I’m always trying to bring positivity to the team, to the project, to the client — even when there are problems and obstacles. Teamwork, hard work and staying positive are extremely important for success, and they’re incredibly important to the fabric of PDX.”