Weird trivia from 1988, when Concourse A was (almost) cool

Published December 04, 2019

Quick update: We said goodbye to Concourse A in fall 2019. See what’s next for PDX here.


How much do you know about 1988? We’ve got a pub quiz to test your knowledge of some very trivial stuff. Grab a beer — or maybe a New Coke, if you still have a can — and let’s see how well you do. 

First, we’ll warm up your memory muscles with a quick PDX fact: ’88 was the year that Portland said hello to Concourse A. And just like the decade of big hair and hair metal, some features of the concourse have aged better than others. Sure, we love the gate agents, who have a reputation for cracking jokes during their evening shifts. But when it comes to A’s dim lighting and crowded spaces, we’re OK with saying goodbye forever. (If you haven’t heard the news, see what's in the works at PDX.)

OK, get ready, players. Scroll on for a list of questions about the year Concourse A was (almost) cool. When you think you've figured them out, tap the questions to reveal the answers — no peeking! 

8 questions from ’88

How’d you do?
Tell us how you did and share your best (or worst) memory from Concourse A on social media using the hashtag #GoodbyeA. 

If you scored 8/8, you get bragging rights for knowing the most fun but totally useless facts. Got anything less than that, I guess you’re buying us the next round?